We Offer Same Day Emergency Dental Appointments! We can Relieve your Toothache on the Day!


We are here to relieve all dental problems and help is readily available. Prices start from £20 for an Emergency Dental Appointment and you will be given all of the costs of treatment prior to starting. Please come and see us and we will sort your toothache ASAP. Both Private and NHS Emergency Care is Available and we offer Saturday Appointments for dental care at Weekends. 

Providing same day treatment for:

- Toothaches and dental abscesses

- Broken Teeth and lost Fillings

- Lost Crowns and Broken Dentures

- Painful and Bleeding Gums

It is very important to get your problem solved ASAP as otherwise the pain could get worse and make further dental treatment harder in future.

Book Now for same day appointments on 01785 252514 (Between 9am-5.30pm)

Emergency Advice and Evening Help- 07910 394043 (24/7 Helpline)

Emergency Dentist in Stafford

If you are happy with our service, please let your friends and family know about us.

However, If you are unhappy then please speak to a member of our team and we will try our hardest to put a smile back on your face. A copy of the practice Complaints Policy is available from reception.

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